Power of Seeds

Love Me Some™ offers functional foods that harness the ‘Power of Seeds’ 

What is a functional food? 

Our ancestors used food as medicine, and today many supplements are extracted from everyday foods such as turmeric, elderberries and matcha. Food has always been functional and science has proven that these ancient remedies have natural healing powers.

Food, if eaten naturally, will benefit our bodies on a cellular level by acting synergistically to enhance our overall health. When consumed, functional foods have the properties to help us restore, heal, and replenish our bodies in a kind and natural way.



Our hormonal systems regulate our mood, metabolism, sleep patterns, and so much more. We are affected by changes in these systems.  It is extremely important to keep the hormone systems healthy and functioning optimally.  Unfortunately, we may not pay enough attention to these systems, as we get busy in our day-to-day lives.

Everyone is affected by changes in hormones and the key to a healthy, happy life depends on keeping your hormones in balance.


Hormones are responsible for our moods, metabolism, energy, sleep, skin, and so much more!



Love Me Some™ Key Ingredients

The nutrition in Love Me Some™ crackers will benefit your overall health. Seeds are a powerful health food and everyone can harness the ‘Power of Seeds’!



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