Frequently Asked Questions

Love Me Some™ answers to a few questions frequently asked by our customers!

1. What if I am not interested in seed cycling/ seed syncing?

Don’t worry! These crackers are for everyone! The whole family could benefit from the nutritious properties of the seeds! Just enjoy them as a healthy, delicious snack.

2. Are these crackers going to mess around with my hormones?

These crackers would not mess up your hormones. Instead, the seeds just help balance and regulate the hormonal levels in a very gentle and natural way. Simply put, they will help eliminate what you body have too much of and help promote what it needs. Users generally see more health benefits by consuming the seeds in cycles (Phase 1 and Phase 2 – refer to ‘Seed Cycling’ page for more information).

3. What if I do not get periods but want to do seed cycling?

If you don’t get a period or have irregular periods, you could seed cycle according to the moon. Start Phase 1 on the New Moon, and Phase 2 on the Full Moon. Men could benefit from see cycling as well.

4. How long do I have to seed cycle for to see benefits?

Balancing your hormones naturally could take some time and would normally take 3-6 cycles to see benefits. But each of us are unique. Someone with more severe symptoms might take up to 12 months to get their hormones back in their natural rhythm. Be patient and take care of your body by getting lots of rest, exercising regularly and eliminating unnecessary stress. 

5. What if I missed a few days? Can I still seed cycle?

Yes! We don’t recommend stressing about this and hence we made these delicious crackers! We have tried it and sometimes it could be hard to follow the cycling protocol and we want to make it easy for you. Don’t worry if you missed a few days, just continue eating the right product for the phase you are in.

6. These crackers are sooooooo good! What if I ate more than a pack per day?

Yes, these are quite addictive. Don’t stress and enjoy them as you wish. A little more goodness in your diet has nothing to worry about! Just remember a balanced diet is what we recommend.

7. How do I know I am getting enough seeds in these crackers?

These crackers are specifically formulated by our Founder, a Food Scientist, to follow the seed cycling protocol. Each pack of crackers (30g) contain more than 60% seeds, which is equivalent to two tablespoons of the seed combination required!

8. I do not like the amount of packaging, what are my other options?

We are an environmental conscious company and we are committed to providing sustainable and environmental-friendly options. Currently, there are very few viable compostable packaging options on the market, so we use packaging that are 100% recyclable.

In addition, we also partner with our zero-waste suppliers (see store locator for details) to provide an alternate solution so all of our customers could enjoy our products in their most comfortable ways.



Didn't find your answer?. Contact us with any additional questions regarding seed cycling, our products, or any other inquiries that you have. We're here to help!