Seed Cycling for Men

We often talk about the benefits of seed cycling for women, but did you know that men can also benefit from this practice? It’s true!

Benefits of Seed Cycling for Men

At its core, seed cycling is for hormone balance. Hormones control a lot of processes in the body; they’re the chemicals that help your body coordinate different functions – essentially telling your body what to do and when to do it. Rotating between certain combinations of seeds encourages the production or reduction of certain hormones.

Though men have fewer hormone fluctuations throughout the month than women, they can still gain benefits from seed cycling. The biggest perks of seed cycling for men are creating a natural hormone balance, enhancing nutrient intake through healthy foods, and boosting male fertility. 

What Does Each Seed Do?

Our crackers use four different seeds, each offering benefits to improving men’s health:

  • Flaxseeds: These help balance hormones, improve fertility, and the lignans in these seeds have shown to be beneficial in multiple cardiovascular studies.
  • Sesame Seeds: Components of these seeds help reduce blood cholesterol levels, and they speed up antioxidant activity and raise tocopherol levels – improving the quality and count of sperm as a result. 
  • Sunflower Seeds: Elements of these seeds help improve sperm count and movement.
  • Pumpkin seeds: These help strengthen the prostate gland, promote healthy functioning of the hormones, increase testosterone levels, and improve sperm quality.

When Should Men Start Seed Cycling?

Even though men don’t have menstrual cycles, they can base their seed cycling phases based on the lunar cycle. Men should rotate their seeds the opposite of women (which is most helpful for those who are trying to conceive). 

From the new moon to the full moon, men should consume sunflower and sesame seeds (These are LOVE ME SOME Phase Two crackers). From the full moon to the new moon, use pumpkin and flax seeds every day (our Phase One crackers).

The Easiest Way to Seed Cycle

Planning and preparing seeds for seed cycling is a lot of work. Stay on track with your seed cycling with LOVE ME SOME crackers. Our perfect portions give you the seeds you need each day to seed cycle effectively. 

Do you have any questions about seed cycling for men? Ask us in the comments!